Saturday, October 13, 2012

Race Day Update #8

Alright team, after anxiously waiting for information, we finally have some.

RC came into the bike finish after a TOUGH last leg to finish with a 6:22 bike split averaging about 17.5 miles per hour.  Clearly, the winds must have picked up over the last 22 miles of the bike and the last hour must have been brutal.  We can see from other age grouper's times that the last few miles have been universally tough.  Given the tough conditions, this was a very good time!

I just spoke with the ground crew in Kona.  It sounds like he was feeling great through the turnaround at Hawi and then had a tough ride to the finish.  Kara was able to run with him for a few minutes and he is all smiles and good spirits.  I spoke with RC last night and his plan is to take the first few miles VERY EASY and save it for the last half.  In 2010 he ran a 5:52 - A time I am confident he will beat this year.

Let's keep on sending him good vibes and he pounds the pavement for a few more hours!

RC - this one goes out to your run:

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