Saturday, February 28, 2009

These are trying times.....

Still working a way here. However my knee has definitely taken a turn for the worse. After the adverse reaction to the Syn-Visc I received a 3 injection cycle of a similar drug. It seems to be taking longer to work it's wonders. Also, with my snowboard trip, I seemed to beat up my knee quite a bit. As a result I have only been able to run 1-2 times per week...and significantly, I 've had pretty good pain most days.

This week was a little better. I'm aggressive about icing right after my run and I've gone back to my old shoes. I was able to run 2x and get in 10 miles this week. I'm hopeful to get in 15-20 next week and if I can get to 20-25 miles/week I could still selvage a decent season--we'll see. Anyways, Feb numbers:

Swim: 27.8k yards (vs. 15k in Jan)
Bike: 644 miles (vs 636)
Run: 54 miles (vs 59)
Total Hours: 74 (vs 55)....lots of non SBR cross training this month

Monday, February 9, 2009

Staying the course

Just finished up another solid week. 19.5 hours of training. 204 miles on the bike, 21.1 miles running, 7000 yds swimming and 1:50 invested in weight work. Last three week totals are: 54 hours (18/week); 610 miles (203) biking, 53 (18)miles running; and 18.5k (6.2) yds swimming.

Nothing spectacular but very solid and right in my target zone. Beginning to generate some training momentum as I feel the strength building in my body. Also, noticing that the pounds are starting to fall off. Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

I'll continue in the same vein for the first part of this week and then back-off for 4 days as Alex and I are headed to Mammoth Mountain in CA for a little snowboarding. I'll get a lot of boarding work in and plan on hiking a bit to get used to my crampons. Should be a nice change of pace and will allow me to hit it hard again next week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hitting my Stride!

Well--I've had quite a litany of excuses:

-back surgery
-real bad case of the flu (twice)
-computrainer broke
-bad reaction to my syn-visc injection...knee swelled up like a greapefruit...had to get the juice sucked out/cortizone shot/stay off of it for 3 days
-Cervelo's fork recalled

Excuses can just be another name for poor motivation.

Anyways, last two weeks were 15 hours and 19+. Hitting my stride. Feeling stronger in the pool--3100 yds today. fixed my computrainer--ready to kill myself on it! Actually ran close to 30 miles last week....

The focus now is just a steady solid 15-20 hours/week for the next 6 weeks and then I shall be ready.

Just wish the weather didn't always suck. Oops--sounds like another excuse!

Here I come!