Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kona--post Kona

We are enjoying our vacation time post race here in Kona.  We took the whole gang kayaking and snorkeling on Monday.  Yesterday, Judy, I and the two girls went on a helicopter tour of the Island--what a thrill to see bubbling lava!  We went out to Huggo's last night before I took Jen to the airport for her flight back.

Today we are hanging around and will driv this afternoon up to Mauna Kea for the sunset and to view the stars--should be quite the treat for sure!

Yesterday, I rode 15 miles easy and did another 16 today.  I also went down to the pier and swam for 20 minutes or so.  I might try to run an easy 4-5 miles tomorrow as my body is feeling more normal as the days go by.

32 days until IMAZ!

I'm working on going through all of the pictures--we have over 2000 and assembling all of my data to write my race report....

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