Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back in DE

We had a long trip back from Macadamia Land.  Our outbound flight from Kona was delayed so we would have missed our connection in San Fran.  We were rebooked to leave 10 hours latter (11 at night) so we spent the day driving around the northern part of the island--we had a great lunch in Hawi (Lighthouse Deli--best Reuben I have ever had!!!!!) and then we had a great time sightseeing--a little bonus Hawaii time for us.  The flights home via Phoenix were uneventful, although quite tiring.

We arrived back in DE around dinner time on Tuesday and begain the reintegration process.

Training-wise, I did an easy run in Kona on Monday before I left.  My back was sore so that was it--skipped my scheduled swim.  With all the travel, I took a rest day on Tuesday and did a 4 hour session yesterday (2.5 hour bike/1 hour run/0.5 hour swim).  My legs are more tired than they should be today so I think I still have to be more post-IM recovery oriented than next IM-build oriented.  This 5-week period between two IMs is tricky to negotitate--probably more downside than upside so I'll continue to be conservative.

I just finished my Kona video and will post a link after Saturday when I have it's "premier".  Race report will be up latter today or tomorrow.

I miss Hawaii but it is great to see the fall colors and to not see all the lava!

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