Friday, October 12, 2012

Kona--night before

Well, it's just 13 hours to game time!  I'm all checked in.  I ate some very bland chicken and pasta.  I'm going to chill here for the rest of the night while Judy and the gang head out to celebrate her birthday (which unfortunately the race follows by one day).  I'll make it up to her next week!

The weather looks like it will be fairly similar to 2010 when I did this race.  Sunny down here in Kailua.  High 86.  10-20 mph WSW winds, which means a headwind over the last 30 ort so miles.  Up in Hawi, we are looking at NE winds at 10-25 mph, which means a head/side-wind during the climb.  Shouldn't be life-threatening but will be very challenging and no doubt slow going--just as it was in 2010.  The run--at least the first half, will be hot, sunny and humid.  Hey, it's Kona.  Time to lace 'em up and get down to it--there's no crying at Kona!

Yesterday.Jen and Kara joined us and we went to the welcoming banquent.  Below are a few more pics for your amusement.

Also, if he gets a chance, Anders may blog on my behalf as he talks to the team here in Kona and watches on the internet.  You can follow my progress by going to:

and typing 2069 for my bib number.

Hopefully, I'll have a short update for you before midnight tomorrow night!

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