Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A matter of perspective

Just finished up March with across the board higher numbers vs. January and February:


Swim: 15,000/27,850/33,700
Bike: 636/644/746
Run: 59/54/73
Hours: 55/74/75

While this is heading in the right direction and is a reasonable level of training, another point of view is the comparison of 2009 YTD vs 2007 and 2008:


Swim: 141,350/116,750/76,550     (-48% vs. '07/-34% vs. '08)
Bike: 2,444/2,755/2,027    (-17%/-26%)
Run: 373/421/186   (-50%/-56%)
Hours: 276/291/205  (-26%/-30%)

No surprise that my aggregate commitment to training is down 25-30% vs. the last two years--this comes with not pursuing an Ironman this year.  The biggest change (and not desired) is off-course the running--my knee problems have drastically cut into my running.  I'm sure this will be the biggest issue when I race this weekend...

The good news is that my knee is a little bit better and I'm hopeful that I can increase my running to perhaps as high as 100 miles this month....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here and back again

I'm continuing to plug along here--in reasonable shape but obviously way behind the last two years....no surprise given my decision to focus on not focusing this year (on an IM).

Just returned from a trip to Hong Kong. On the way over I stopped in LA and road a 63 miler with Anders in the Santa Monica mountains--one climb was about 10 miles or so--it was all I wanted.

In HK I did a great hike/climb on the HK trail and got some pretty good training in.

I also, on Friday, road a bike in both Hong Kong and Delaware--pretty cool for one day (time change helps!)

Next Saturday is my first race of the season--the smithfield Sprint. I have low expceations but am looking forward to having some fun and getting a gauge on just where my fitness is....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is that a Triathlete I see?

Well last week was a very good week indeed. Several key accomplishments:

1. Highest training load of the year at 21 hours 41 minutes
2. Highest weekly swim volume at 8200 yds--modest but getting there
3. Swim 100s now down to 1:21-1:24 and I did a 1:16 this week. Still a ways to go but not bad for me
4. Biggest bike week this year (217 miles) and longest single ride at 77 miles--respectable volume here
5. Biggest news is 2nd highest run week at 23+ miles and a pain-free (mostly) run of 9.5 miles yesterday

This was an important week--the new knee medicine seems to be working!!!

Not just have to start getting consistent.