Saturday, October 13, 2012

Race Day Update #6

We are through 75 miles on the bike and he is still rolling very very strong.  RC rode the last 15 miles at just under 22mph, which is very impressive this late in the bike.  It looks like he is averaging right around 19mph so far, which would lead to a very solid bike time

It also appears that he is riding much stronger than 2010.  The bike splits are in different places this year, but it appears that he came in to the 75 mile mark around ~20 minutes ahead of his last Hawaii effort.

Another encouraging sign is how well he is dealing with the Kona weather.  There have been many reports of intense head and side winds out on the bike course, but RC has been fighting through them well.  I've also heard that the heat is starting creep in, so he will definitely get his money's worth on the run.

RC will likely continue to push through the 90 mile check point and then begin thinking about the transition to his run.  I'm guessing we have another 1:45 to wait until he rolls into T2.

Thanks for reading, keep sending those energy vibes out to the buy guy!!  Also, do yourself a favor and listen to one of RC's favorite training bands:


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