Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kona--October 9th

Real nice day today.  After swimming this morning, Sparty and I registered for the race.  Here is what my wrist looked like after that: 

We then kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful weather at our house.  Then we went out to the end of Ali'i Drive and took my Mom out snorkeling.  The water was rough as there was a high surf advisory out.  We saw quite a few fish but it was a definite step down from our trip yesterday.  Sparty and I both hopped out of the car on the way back and took a run down Ali'i--mine was 3.8 miles.  MY legs felt tired today and I think I need to try to minimize my vertical time tomorrow.

This evening we participated in the Parade of Nations and then attended an XC welcome function--all very fun!  Here are some more pics:

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