Saturday, May 20, 2017

Going for the summit in a few hours!

Judy received a text from Andrew, the Base Camp manager, that Anders and team had a successful climb up from Camp 3 to the South Col, where they are resting in their sleeping bags and breathing bottled oxygen.  We expect them to leave for the summit, some time in our early afternoon today--a little before or near midnight of the 20th in Nepal.

First off, I think it's appropriate to stop and reflect that Anders and his team have now successfully climbed to 26,000 feet, which is higher than all but 17 mountains in the world.  If he reaches the Balcony tomorrow, which should take 2-3 hours, just 3 will be higher.  Of course, his objective is to reduce that list to zero.  Still it's remarkable what he has accomplished, as a high altitude mountaineer, already!  That, and executing a demanding regime of climbing, eating, sleeping, staying healthy and focused for the last 50 days, in some pretty challenging circumstances.  Anders is a remarkable young man.  We are very proud of him.

That said, the next 12-18 hours will be some of the most important and consequential that Anders will face in his life.  As you might expect, we are on "lock down" and will have our phones ready and waiting for updates from Andrew, who will be sleeping in the Comm. tent at Base Camp, and from the team itself via Sat phone.  We'll share as soon as we get it.

We're worried of course, but very confident in his and his team's fitness, preparation, skill, and most importantly, judgement.  If the weather permits, we believe he will get there, and most importantly back again (under any circumstance).

Here we go! (Send good Karma his way!)

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Mark Ginn said...

Top of the world...just amazing. Whatever good karma I can find definitely going the way of all of you--best of luck to all. Looking forward to updates and the stories to follow. -Mark