Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Totals

Well it's been a while since I last blogged--very busy with training and life--my apologies.  Here is the data on January as compared to last year:

2008 2007 Change

Swim 40550y 52900y -23%
Bike 859m 796m +8%
Run 166.3m 122.2m +31%
Other 9:57 13:50 -28%
Total 100:19 98:14 +2%

So, I hit 100 training hours in a month for the first time in my triathlon career.  Last January was my previous high.  The dip in swimming volume was unintentional and I'm focused on getting up into the 12-16k yds/week range in February.  That said, my swimming times for short intervals are pretty good.  I tire more easily than in the past so I have an endurance issue but on the whole, I'm comfortable with where my swim is at (for January).

The bike just turned out where it turned out.  A lot of junk miles.  In February, I'll change to emphasize a couple of 3-5 hour rides per week and a couple of higher intensity Computrainer rides.  March and April will be when I really hit the bike--it's just too darn dicey outside right now.

The run is a reflection of my commitment to more run frequency and distance.  I've been getting a 10-14 mile run every 5-6 days and getting out there 5-6 times per week which is a significant change from last year.  I actually had more miles running in December 2007 but I wasn't really swimming at all and just marginally biking.  In February, I'd like to maintain this 35-40 mile/week average but begin to add some intensity.

I've moved away from Yoga and gone to an integrated weights/stretching sequence 2-3 times/week.  I probably should do more but I'm rolling the dice a bit to focus more on SBR.

All-in-all a good base month.  By the end of February, I'd like to be able to look back at a month with close to January volumes but with more swimming and more intensity in the bike and run.

Onward and Upward!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Annual Report

A quick review of my training log for 2007 reveals the following data:

934 total training hours which is about 18 hours per week--this is mostly SBR but includes some Yoga and weights as well.

471,855 yards of swimming or about 9100/week--I actually was above 10,000/week but basically took the last 9 weeks of 2007 off from swimming.

8574 miles of biking which is 165 miles/week--this is lower than my prior years as I focused more on my swim and run in 2007.

1510 miles of running or about 29/week.  186 of these miles were in transition runs.

Race wise, I raced 10 times: 1 IM, 4 Half-Iron, 5 sprints.  I also raced in an Aqua-Velo and did 4 running races (2 10 milers and 2 half-marathons).  I had 5 AG wins plus one overall masters win.  Overall, I placed in the top 10 three times with a 3rd place as my best race.  I set PBs at both the IM and H-IM distance

My USAT rating improved to 82+ which will be good enough for All-American status.  I made the USA team and competed in the LCWC in L'Orient, France.

Unfortunately, I did not achieve my prime goal of qualifying for Kona.  I was fit enough but did not get the job done at IMFL in November.

The plan for 2008 is to try again--harder!

Training wise, I'd like to average around 21-22 hours/week with the extra time concentrated in running and 1 extra swim session/week (focused on technique work).  I see my bike volume staying roughly where it was in 2007 but with more H-IM/IM simulation work (extended time at 215-250 watts).  I'd like my run volume to be 35-40 miles/week on average or about 1800-2000 miles for the year.

I got faster again in 2007 which has been true of each of my 6 years in triathlon.  I'm hopeful that this trend will again hold true in 2008.  If so, I should continue to gain on and improve relative to most of my M50-54 competition.  Will it be enough to qualify for Kona?  Time will tell.  There is lots of work to do for sure.  Let it begin!