Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinch me--it will be hard to awake from this dream!

so our last (and 21st) night in Kona is drawing to a close!  Not surprisingly it is a perfect night yet again!  This place must have the most perfect weather on the planet--21 days--all fantastic!

I've finished my slide show which I'll post soon (we're having a debut party in DE next Saturday) and I'll finish my race report on the plane back.

I'll also post a more comprehensive retrospective shortly.

So, from a tri business perspective, this week was obviously all about active recovery.  Everything I did this week was easy and all about just having fun....

IMAZ is in 28 days so I need to step up again--more on my startegy for that shortly....

Here are my recovery stats for my week post IM Hawaii:

swim: 3900 yards
bike: 110 miles
run: 12.5 miles
time: 9:41

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