Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kona: On the Ground

Well we got in late last night and our place is amazing!  It is so awesome that we have the privilege of being here for the next 21 days.  I'll post some pics of our little slice of heaven shortly.

Today was spent getting settled in.  Both Judy and I ran a bit--her 4 miles and me 5 or so.  I felt great.  It was overcast all day but 85 and quite humid.  The winds are very mild so we are getting a lot of VOX clouding things up.  I'd be cool with it if it was this way race day....

We picked up Judy's bike today so she can ride while she is here.  Sadly, that doesn't appear to be in my immediate future as it looks like my trusty ol BMC TT01 may have met it's ultimate competitive demise.  The seat post connecting mechanism seems to be toast.  The locals are very helpful and have faith that they can bring her back from the dead--I think living in Hawaii makes you generally more positive about life and optimistic than the mainland as I think that last rights are now in order.

In any event, we'll see if she rises from the dead tomorrow...and if not I'm going to look at some new ponies tomorrow....

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