Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time to come home!

I went to the award ceremony last night and it turned out to be a very enjoyable affair. I sat with the CEO group again and we laughed and talked and enjoyed some good local swill. I had a chance to talk to a bunch of triathlete types as well including a real nice talk with Mark Van Arken who led the race through the swim and bike and into the run. It was interesting hearing what the race looked like through his eyes.

Afterwards we went to the Barking Parrot in the hotel and we hoisted a couple more beers. I spent most of the evening chatting with Graham Fraser about all things Ironman. Bryan hung out with us--still on cloud nine from his victory--it was nice to toast his success and share it with him. I said goodbye to my new friends around 11--for some reason I'm a little sore and tired.

Up this morning to grab some breakfast, load up and hit the road. Apparently the southern route back to Vancouver, although longer, is more scenic and now that IMC is behind me I'm all about the scenic route....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day after

I feel remarkably good considering the rough hour I had after the finish last night. I just read Anders' hijack of the blog and it was fun to read!

I talked to Judy and we agreed that if the slot rolled to me then I should turn it down. This does make sense given the physical toll these IM races are taking on my body. when I went to the awards breakfast this morning I prayed it didn't come to that because that would be a heavy mental conflict for me. when the first fellow turned his slot down I thought, oh no--here we go. But fortunately the next two guys took them and saved me the agony of that decision.

Bryan and Desiree Flicker had breakfast with us and Bryan presented me a ridiculously large and beautiful trophy for my triumph as the fastest 50+ CEO. Never has the trophy/performance ratio been so out of proportion! Anyways, it was pretty cool getting the trophy from the race winner and getting my pic snapped with the pros. We had a very pleasant breakfast and i feel like I made some nice contacts with some like minded folks from around the world. I told Bryan that he was welcome to home stay with us the next time he does Eagleman (he stayed in Wilmington a couple of years ago).

I took my bike apart which is a lot easier than putting it together and packed up. I'm hitting the awards banquet tonight and then heading to Vancouver and back home tomorrow....

Venti coffee at Starbucks

Hey gang--good morning. sorry for not getting on last night--the internet was down in my hotel and I just didn't feel like going for a walk--at a starbucks this morning working on my recovery.

I'll give you the details latter but here are the highlights: Decent, but a little slow swim--definitely fatigued over the last 1000 meters, but got the job done. Tried to be conservative early on the bike but then my front deraileur went out of commission at about 15 miles in. I could not shift from small to big ring. this obviously didn't help but I worked around it by getting of my bike and moving the chain by hand a bunch of times and by riding in the wrong chain ring for a lot of the race. I knew I was fried right from the start of the run and quickly went into survival mode. I was significantly dehydrated from the bike (this is an on-going problem for me) and it took me most of the "run" to catch up. I was on an over 13 hour pace at 22 when my ego kicked in and I ran pretty hard (considering) down the stretch to sneak in under 13 for a small victory. This led to about an hour in the med tent as my blood pressure plummeted pst race. I got VERY cold and had some intense muscle cramps so post race this was my hardest IM.

I didn't get the job done on Kona--the bike issues hurt but I'm not sure it would have made any difference as I was way behind the hydration curve. This is a blessing in disguise because it would be stupid of me to try to do Hawaii in 7 weeks--my body has had enough. doing 2 in 6 weeks probably wasn't that good of an idea either. anyways, I'm now on an IM sabatical--at least for next year and looking forward to hoisting a few with many of you (or is that hoisting many with a few of you) when I return.



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ironman Canada Live Update: 9

Our guy has finished! That's Ironman #6 for RC in a time of 12:56:40. I know he must have drilled it in the end to get under 13, solid work!

The CEO challenge is complicated in the way that they award slots. We will need to see the final results, but I think it is possible that RC snagged the second Kona spot.

Either way, that was another solid day at the office. My Dad has put in endless work to be able to compete in these things and I know he must be psyched to have finished another one.

Dad, I'm proud of you for gutting it out when things got tough. This race was another example of your strength as an athlete and determination. Congrats on the finish!!!


Ironman Canada Live Update: 8

Ok so we have most of the CEOs through the first half of the marathon. Judging from the times it looks like its a tough day out there. Reports from the course indicate high wind and warm tempuratures, which are definitely not helping.

RC ran his first half in 2:46:08. I know he was hoping for a bit faster on the first half, so hopefully he isn't experiencing any serious problems. However, it seems that many of the CEOs might have gone out to hard on the bike and have the potential to blow up on the run.

Cum time through 13 miles.

Ceci(78): 8:54:15
Herkelman (79): 8:56:37
Downs (81): 9:10:28
Vandaele (85): 9:10:30
Palowitch(82): 9:23:29
Kelley (83): 9:33:04
Christofferson(80): 9:54:19
(other CEOs are not through the halfway mark yet)

RC is in a tough spot right now, but he is one tough determined athlete. I'm sure however much he is hurting he is giving it his absolute best and getting one step closer to the finish. Time to beam him some energy for the last half. LETS GO!!


Ironman Canada Live Update: 7

Pro Update. Bryan Rhodes wins it!! Rhodes is definitely the man. My Dad had dinner with him earlier in the week so that has to be a good sign for the big man.

About 40 minutes or so until we get some run updates from the CEOs..


Ironman Canada Live Update: 6

Back in business. Many of the CEO's are coming in from the bike and heading out into the run. RC had a very solid ride of 5:44. He basically even split both halves, and given the difficulty of the back half of the bike shows how strong he rode.

Here is the field at the beggining of the run:
Athlete(bib#): Bike time/ Cum Time

Vandaele (85): 5:33:13/ 6:47:29
Ceci(78): 5:26:30/ 6:47:55
Downs (81): 5:41:23/ 6:53:25
Herkelman (79): 5:39:22/ 6:59:39
Christofferson(80): 5:44:19/ 7:05:09
Palowitch(82): 5:45:58/ 7:06:25


As expected, it is all coming down to the run. RC is right in the thick of things and a good run split could get him his kona slot. The first time check on the run is at 13 miles, which should give us a good indication of how things are going.


Ironman Canada Live Update: 5

Well this is frustrating. Ironman.com and Ironman live are both down at the moment so we have no way of tracking. My guess is the top CEO challenge athletes are in the last few miles of the bike. I will keep checking and hope to have this updated in the next 30 minutes.

We do know that the pros are on the run and Marky V leading the field.

More Later


Ironman Canada Live Update: 4

What a race we have going on!

Through 42.5 miles on the bike and the CEOs are all within minutes of each other. RC had a solid first bike segment of 2:10:21, which is about a 19.56mph average. The back end of this bike course gets tough, and my guess is RC is smartly pacing early to build late into the ride.

Here is where the competitors are at the moment:

(cum time through 42.5 miles)

Vandaele (85): 3:20:39
Downs (81): 3:24:26
Ceci(78): 3:25:07
Christofferson(80): 3:30:12
Palowitch(82): 3:31:06
Herkelman (79): 2:31:19
Rebus(77): 3:36:21
Kelley(83): 3:34:12

So it looks like RC is riding strong in 4th about 6 minutes down from the leader. We will know more by the next check point at 80 miles..


Ironman Canada Live Update: 3

Quick update. The last 2 competitors in the CEO challenge are out of the water.

Osburn(76): 1:21:19/11:40 1:32:59
Daly(59): 1:27:58/5:45 1:33:43

These two are a ways back, but it's the Ironman so you never know what will happen.

I'm off for a bike ride and will update when I get back..


Ironman Canada Live Update: 2

Update from the swim.

It looks like some solid swim times were put up with the leaders breaking 46 minutes!

In the CEO division this is turning into quite the race. The leader came out in 1:08 and then a group of about 5 athlete came in around the 1:15-17 mark. RC had a very solid swim of 1:16:24, which put him in a good position to hunt some people down on the bike.

Here is what is looks like for the CEOs heading onto the bike:

Name(Bib#): Swim Time/ T1 cum time

Downs (81): 1:08:34/3:28 1:12:02
Vandaele (85): 1:11:20/2:56 1:14:16
Rebus(77): 1:15:37/3:01 1:18:38
Christofferson(80): 1:16:24/3:27 1:19:51
Herkelman (79): 1:15:45/4:32 1:20:17
Palowitch(82): 1:14:17/6:10 1:20:27
Ceci(78): 1:16:03/5:22 1:21:25
Kelley(83): 1:19:45/5:38 1:25:23

The first bike check comes at 40 miles. My guess is that RC will have steadily moved up the rankings by then and will be putting time into his competitors. More later....


p.s. if anyone has any questions/comments about the progress of the race feel free to shoot me an e-mail at andersc@gwu.edu

Ironman Canada Live Report: 1

Good morning sports fans!

This is Anders and I'll be hijacking my Dad's blog today to give some live updates on Ironman Canada. Check back often as I'll be giving info about my Dad's progress as well as his competitors in the 50-54 age group and CEO challenge. You can also follow along at www.ironmanlive.com and type in bib #80.

I've got a good feeling about today's race. My Dad has put in some solid work since IM Austria and should be ready to rip!

Currently they are about 25 minutes into the swim. We should have a good idea of how the race is going in about 30 minutes..


Race morning

Hey--I couldn't resist one last note.

Got a nice wake-up call from Judy at 3:15 as she was preparing for her big day moving Kara into NYU--how's that for service!

I slept pretty well despite the noise here--I think all the non-participants were celebrating that their weird obsessive triathletes were finally in bed.

I'm having my traditional pre-race bagels with organic peanut butter and jelly--this is the formula Anders and I have honed through the years. Also drinking my cold Starbucks--pretty good all things considered.

Weather forecasts are somewhat at odds but generally it looks low 60s with mostly cloudy at the start. clouds will build throughout the bike and the temp will rise into the mid 70s with rain expected at some point (hopefully late or at the end of the bike). The wind is forecasted to build to 20-30 mph as the afternoon wears on. I'm actually in favor of the wind--anything that makes the bike longer is good for the home team. That's as long as i control my 808/sub-9 wheels...

anyways good to go--beem me energy....I'll need it!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

At peace with 12 hours to go

Just watched the Men's Olympic Marathon final. What they do in their marathons is something I'm not familiar with when I run mine--wow!

So the sun is setting here on a beautiful evening just 12 hours to game time. It's still quite warm here--about 81 degrees. Supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Now calling for a high of 77 degrees with perhaps some rain to deal with between Richter and Yellow Lake and especially the long decent after Yellow Lake. I'll just have to dial it back a bit if that happens--I've certainly had some practice in this at Austria this year. The good news is that it looks like mid 70s and rain during the run which I'm very OK with.

Beginning to get that pre-race calmness as there isn't much else to do now except getting up, eating and a few last minute set-up activities on the bike. Get the race gear on and go when I hear the cannon. After that the NOW becomes overwhelming and it's just focus on the stoke, pedal or step at hand until they tell you to stop.

I'm in a good place mentally. I pray for a safe race and no mechanical failures on the bike. Beyond that, I'll focus on myself and swim, ride and run within myself and as fast as my body tells me I can go on august 24th, 2008. I'll be aware of my competitors but since I can't play defense all I can do is to do my best and the result will be the result. My goal is to finish. (And to do the best that I can). Everything else that happens will be an outcome that flows from this goal. As I've gotten know the other CEOs as people I've grown to like and admire them. They all have dreams and have worked hard. They have sons and daughters and wives who will be cheering mightily for them to triumph. and will be disappointed if they don't. I can honestly say that I'll be very happy for those who grab Kona slots if they are not me--I'm sure they'll deserve it. I'll also have a lot of sympathy for those that don't. The real reward of tomorrow will be the potential to learn something about myself, to discover a strength, or other asset that I wasn't aware of before or indeed didn't have. The measures of success will all be within me.

Talk to you tomorrow night! Anders may hijack this blog during the race tomorrow with updates....check back if you have interest.

Sleep tight--I will!

Locked and Loaded--21 hours to go!

All systems go! I did my usual Pete Reid day before an IM special this morning. First up was a pleasant 15 minute swim with a few accels. I felt great. Water was a bit nippy--maybe 63 degrees but no worries. It was a beautiful clear, calm morning with the temp about 52 degrees. I ran into Clint Lien who is here camping with Pete and chatted with him for awhile. I hadn't seen him since our Tuscon training camp. He invited me out to join the gang again next spring which sounds real tempting! But that's a story for another day.

Next up was a nice 15 minute run. Felt decent. I hit Starbucks for a Venti (I don't know if it will be good for me physically but mentally I love not doing a coffee taper this time around!). they had a super cool farmer's market on main street and I scored some home made PB cookies--sweet.

Finally, a 30 minute spin and I felt AMAZING. 200-250 watts at about 135-138 bpm HR. of course I only did that for about 10 minutes...but hey, good sign!

Early lunch mtg with the CEO gang then bike and Transition bag check in this afternoon....almost game time!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Penticton at t minus 36 hours

I have to say I love this place. it's beautiful. the course has that epic quality to it. The people are very nice. Every one is pumped. It's easy to see why this race has such an incredible reputation. (I reserve the right to change my opinion on Sunday!)

We had our carbo meal/mtg tonight. Nice, but predictable affair. They closed off Main Street in front of the hotel and there is a big street party in progress with lots of live bands--really fun place for the Iron Support Teams.

Inside of 36 hours now and it looks like pretty favorable weather is shaping up--high of 81 with partly sunny to partly cloudy. Low humidity and 10 mph winds--I'll take that for sure.....

I'm all set for transition set-up tomorrow. Getting close!


So I got up this morning and did the Underpants run at 7:30. This is a great tradition started in Hawaii by Huddle and Frey to poke fun at all the euros (principally) who would show up and race in speedos. We all bought our official BVDs (money goes to a local charity) and then did the Underpants Pledge where we placed our hands over a strategic spot and pledged not to wear speedos in public. We then proceeded to run down to the race start area in the 48 degree weather. Once on the beach we did a bunch of exercises and posed for the crowds and then finished the run.

I hooked up with the CEO crowd again and got my pic snapped with Rhodes and Blake (who will be wearing number 1 on Sunday). We also had our CEO group photo snapped and then had a nice breakfast. I registered and I am planning to spend the afternoon prepping my transition bags. The carbo dinner/mtg is tonight. Here is what the run looked like:

Hanging with Rhoadsy and Jasper. Brian is cool with my underpants but Jasper is a little concerned:

On the beach--deep squats. One. Two. That's enough!

The view from the back of the pack:

RC--getting ready for the UR!

Roch leading the pledge:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Dinner

Had dinner tonight with the CEO Challenges gang--very nice group of folks!

Caught up with Graham Fraser from NA Sports--last time I saw him was when he correctly advised Anders not to continue on with IMAZ. Attending dinner was Bryan Rhodes and Jasper Blake (who won IMC in 2006)--very nice gentlemen. I also talked to Pete after he and the gang touched down in Penticton--nice to chat with him again.

Up early tomorrow for either a swim with Rhodes or the underpants run--decisions, decisions.....

Mellow Mojo

Slept in to 7:40 today--a full nine hours--which is as much as I did in 5 days before IM austria. Nice breakfast at the Lodge and then down to the lake for a 40 minute swim. The buzz around here has been how cold the water was--consensus was 55 degrees-yesterday. However, big change today. I'd say about 64-65 degrees--a little nippy at first but just about perfect. The lake was calm and clear and my shoulder felt fine for once. Great swim!

Talked to Cadence and they helped me clear up a last nagging technical issue on my bike (those guys are great!). Went out and rode the marathon course. Ended up doing 90 minutes and the bike is good to go. I felt very good on the bike.

The run course is quite difficult, especially between about 9 and 17 miles. Some pretty impressive climbs and descents. There is a real monster at 15 that I'm sure will have a big impact on my day on Sunday. By far the hardest run course I've ever seen in an IM (all the others were essentially flat) and maybe the hardest triathlon run course I've ever had to deal with. As I mentioned yesterday, the bike course is also no slouch with 10 significant climbs including 2 real big ones. I don't think it's as slow as IMWI but it probably is just about as hard. I'll let you know more about that after Sunday.

So generally, a nice morning and afternoon. I feel like I'm getting my Mojo back (in a mellow way) and I'm beginning to lock-in mentally on Sunday.

All of this was tempered by some bad news out of Florida. Not surprising, but bad none-the-less....smoke 'em if you got 'em cause someday you won't...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Left Phiily Tuesday evening and flew to Vancouver. Easy flight and arrived 45 minutes early. US air even upgraded me--sweet! Everything arrived in one piece and I loaded up the rental and drove to Abbotsford and crashed around 11. Up at 5:30 and rolled into Penticton at 9:30. My room was ready so checked right in. Off to a good start!

Weather was cool, windy and rainy this morning. White caps on the lake. Cleared a little as the day progressed but stayed windy. never got above 72--I would have taken today for an IM even with the rain. I drove the course and the biking conditions were no where near as bad as Austria. However the forecast doesn't look so good. the front page headline in the Penticton Herald today was: "Triathletes must also beat Okanagan heat." here are a couple of lines from the story that followed:

"Severe muscle cramps, nausea and headaches associated with dehydration are bad enough on their own, let alone when swimming, cycling and running 226 kilometers in less than 17 hours."

"Despite the dismal weather the Okanagan has been experiencing, Ironman athletes can expect a hot, sunny day on Sunday. Weather forecasters are predicting 30 C (86 F), but it will feel more like 36 (97) degrees--making dehydration a big concern for athletes. To Joe Dixon, race director for the 2008 Subaru Ironman Canada, high temperatures like those expected on Sunday are the worst-case scenario in terms of conditions."

I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses for something that hasn't happened yet but I've seen this movie several times before and it ALWAYS has a sad ending. I'm hoping the forecast will change again!

I was successful it putting together my bike--at least I think--I'll ride it tomorrow to find out for sure. what a pain--3+ hours. It is needlessly complicated in it's design.

Nice little 30 minute run tonight. some bland pasta and chicken and then grocery shopping. Unpacking tonight. Living the life!

All by myself. Not nearly as much fun without my wingman or fans. I have a nuce big suite--anyone want to join me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Planes and perspectives

5 days out now. I am heading to the airport this afternoon and will arrive in Vancouver tonight. Hopefully, I'll gather all my stuff, jump in my rental can cruise about 90 minutes east and crash in some no-tell motel for the night. Up early on Wednesday I should be able to hit Penticton in the morning tomorrow.

Nice run last night and a better session in the pool very early this morning. Just 60 minute bike ride latter this morning before I finish packing.

Still nervous. It's hard not worry about all sorts of things that can go against you in an IM. some you can control and you really want to get these right. And some you can't. I'm trying hard to bring a little perspective into this. I'm very lucky to be healthy and fit enough to even try one of these things--I'm getting up there in years now. I have a supportive family and friends and I have financial ability to do this when so many people in the world have trouble finding enough to eat--that's an easy one to lose sight of. It's a grand event--as epic a thing as I will see this year. I'm sure all sorts of things will happen and it will be a very rich, "alive" experience. I may fail in any number of ways and I'll be fine with all that comes with that. Realistically, I'm the only person who really is hung up on how I perform. Everyone else I know just wants me to be safe and ultimately content. I've trained reasonably well and that work sits as potential in my body. I've done 5 of these already so I do bring a little experience with me. I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it I'll do my best and that will be that.

That said, I'm still nervous.

Monday, August 18, 2008

6 days

All packed and ready to go. I've checked my list 3-4 times so hopefully I'm good to go.

Short, early morning swim this morning. I felt fast but my times were off by 2-4 seconds per hundred. Wonder what that means?

Nervous, nervous, nervous. This is the part I hate....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Home Stretch: 5 down and 1 to go.

Well it's been 5 weeks since IMAUS and I'll find out next Sunday if my two IMs in 6 weeks made any sense. Here is how the totals for the five weeks since Austria look:

Week 1: 4 hours/0 yds swim/44 miles bike/5 miles run
Week 2: 16 hrs/7k yds/192 mi/17 mi
Week 3: 25 hrs/12k yds/287 mi/42 mi
Week 4: 20 hrs/10k yds/225 mi/36 mi
Week 5: 10 hrs/9k yds/106 mi/14mi

Next week of course is mostly about rest, travel and then racing. I have about 5-6 hours of training before race morning. I have a little bit of the mid-taper body-funk going on although not as bad as normal as counting the 2 weeks prior to IMAUS, I've basically tapered/rested 4 of the last 7 weeks. Not a typical "A" race IM prep but here we are. I would have liked to put more training in the tank but a hectic non-tri schedule has eaten into my training time.

I spent 4 hours this morning working with my bike tech trying to figure out how to take apart and put back together (and fit into my travel case) my BMC TT01 Time Machine. I love this bike and it is a proven speed demon in long course races but this is the first time I will fly with it to a race. What a pain. It has such a complicated design that I know I will be stressed a fair amount until I put it back together next Wednesday.

The weather forecast is murky. Weather.com is now calling for 82 degrees and rain showers which I'm ok with although I'm sure it will create a very sketchy set of descents on the bike. The local Canadian forecast is still for highs above 90 so we'll see. It was 101 degrees there yesterday.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm adopted!

Got a nice note from Pete Reid. He asked me to call him as soon as I touch down in Penticton. Pete told me he was adopting me for the week and going to be my number one fan. How sweet is that? Pete is such a class guy and I love hanging and training with him. It will be a real boost to see him and pick his brains about the IMC course. Knowing he's out there and pulling for me is worth at least 10 minutes in my run!

Weather update: Not much change in the forecast from yesterday--high of 81 and mostly cloudy. Much better than the 101 forecasted for today for sure! i did a little research and looked at historical highs for Penticton on 8/24--here they are:

2001: 74
2002: 94
2003: 78
2004: 68
2005: 80
2006: 80
2007: 87

Hopefully the really hot weather only shows once every 5 years and we won't be due again until 2012! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

So how's the weather anyways?

I know some people that love to race when it's hot. Not that they go faster but they have learned through experience that they slow down less than others. I also know some people who always do worse when it gets hot. Then there's me. I must be the worst triathlete in the world when it comes to handling heat and humidity. My two H-IMs this year are great examples of this. the addage that the weather's the same for everybody just isn't true.

So I look very closely and nervously at weather forecasts. Since we are now 9 days away from race day we can now get our first look at a forecast. the weather in Penticton has been very, very hot over the last 30 days. Tomorrow the high is forecasted to be 100! However, the current forecast for the 24th is just 80 and mostly cloudy. Of-course, this can change a lot between now and then. in fact, this morning when I first looked at the forecast for Sunday it called for 75 and partly cloudy. Frankly, I'd take either in a heartbeat--I've got a chance to race well in those conditions. At 100 degrees this goose is cooked.....hopefully the forecast will hold up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tour de Lums and Mike Clark

My company, MIOGA Ventures is sponsoring this year's Tour de Lums which is a Special Olympics cycling event. We are going to dedicate the event to Mike Clark. Mike (aka Iron Mike) was a great guy and fellow AG triathlete here in Delaware. He passed away unexpectedly this March. Mike is the reason I did my first IMFL back in 2004. We competed many times through the years and we probably split all of all our races. Mike was similar to me in that he was a decent swimmer and runner but his strength was on the bike. As a result our races were characterized by us being near each other throughout the whole race. The last time we raced was the 2007 Eagleman where I beat him by 14 minutes. However, since I was 1 week short of my 50th BD, the WTC rules at the time had me race in the 45-49 AG. Mike, in the 50-54 AG scored the last Kona slot. I remember kidding him about this and telling him that I would take it back from him in 2008. He told me he doubted it. We never got a chance to race that race.

Anyways the TDL will be in Mike's honor this year and I'll carry him with me in Canada in 10 days....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AC to LA

Took Anders to the airport this morning. He is moving out to LA and starts his new job on the 25th.

I'll miss seeing him all the time-for all the normal reasons. But also as my frequent training and racing buddy. Over the last 4 years we've done 4 IM together. We've traveled to France (twice), spain (twice), Australia, Austria and all over the US for racing and training.

We did a short swim and ran together for a while yesterday. I'll miss his frequent companionship but anticipate that I'll find ways for us to ride again....

11 days to Canada

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey now--getting into taper life!

Did a 2500yd w/o at the pool with good intensity (200s=2:50/100s=1:21/50s=0:35). A short 3.5 mile run followed with 6:15 pace quarters at the local track.

Nows the time to rest--an important job that I must attend to....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lezak, Coldplay, IM and man at his best

All six of us stayed up late last night and watched the 400 meter FS relay. We were screaming and jumping up and down and ultimately crying. If you're not inspired by Jason Lezak and the rest of the team then you need to have your inspiration glands checked.

Recently saw Coldplay and they were magnificent. At times i got shivers as they performed.

My daughter is heading off to Tisch in NYC this fall where she will study drama--I'm always overwhelmed when i see her perform.

I think it truly is special when you watch other people perform (be it sports or concerts or whatever), especially on grand stages. it truly brings out the best in people. It's a spiritual thing for me.

And that's the way i feel about an IM. I'm very excited to race in Canada--irrespective of what happens--because I know it's a special, spiritual experience--one that will surely bring out some of the best in me....

13 days!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


14 days. Time to wind it down and get focused on the big race. Another nice week ended up--a little over 20 hours. i watched Anders place 4th at the King's Grant Tri this morning--I was itching to race but am trying to follow the program.

A much easier week next week which is good given the busy-ness of my schedule. Onward and upward!

Vlad and CEO challenges

A friend of mine told me about a couple of snide comments about my competing in the CEO challenges competition from someone named Vlad. i don't know who Vlad is but would appreciate he post his personal info and stop being anonymous. I'd like to call him out on this. Anyways, Vlad was whining about how he had to work a lot and it wasn't fair that I entered as a CEO when I really wasn't one--implying that I was cheating or something.

Anyways to clear that up, the CEO challenges organization's rules are: "The events are open to CEOs, Presidents, or Owners of companies with over $2.5 million in annual gross revenue ($5 million for C-Suite Executives)."

At the time I entered I qualified in 4 different ways:

1. Chairman of the Board of iQor, a $400MM BPO company that I have been chairman of for 6 years--leading 4 successful financing rounds of this private LBO.
2. Executive chairman of the Board of Starcite, a $50MM SAS Meeting planning company
3. Chairman of the Board of fine Stationery.com, which is a $20mm intetnet retailer where I have worked as part of the executive team since it's founding 7 years ago
4. Managing Director, CEO and founder of MIOGA Ventures, LLC an investment and management consulting company that I founded and have run for the last 9 years. My current clients include TPG Capital, Texas Pacific Group Venture Capital, Opera solutions, Harrah's, Sears, and Avaya and others.

I am no longer with Starcite but I continue in the other 3 positions.

I should point out that I've been eligible for CEO challenges for almost 20 years by their rules. I've know about them for the last few year--I think they started in 2004 or so. I've never entered as a CEO because of the demands of my job(s). I chose to enter this year NOT because of Kona but because it was a way to get entered into IM Canada without traveling there--which is tough for me to pull off in August. My son and i were going to go there and then register again for 2009 (although his plans have now changed).

Anyways, as I was not successful at some other qualification opportunities this will turn out to be my last shot at Kona this year. with my father's brain tumor diagnosis I've decided if I was fortunate enough to qualify then I would go so that he might be able to see me race there (he has travelled to IMFL twice and IMWI to see me race in the past).

While I'M blessed to not have to sit at a desk and whine about crap i don't know anything about (like Vlad), rest assured the above jobs do require a great deal of my time to manage. I've worked hard over the years (I was a partner at Bain & company, a BU president at american Express, the president of first USA and the CEO of Walker digital) and have created a business that allows me to remain actively (and lucratively) involved in business and still devote a lot of time to my other interests including triathlon.

Now Vlad who the heck are you and how dare you imply the BS you did in your comments? I suggest you crawl back under the bridge with the rest of the trolls.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

15 days

Turning now from IM specific to taper/peak. Legs definitely feel the load of the past 14 day block. I'm pleased with how it went. volume will drop all the way down to about 10 hours next week with good intensity.

Changing my BMC set u from a 55/42:11/23 to a 53/39:13/26. this reduces the gear ratio on my smallest gear from 1.83 to 1.50--about a 19% reduction which should help protect my quads on the 3 climbs art IMC. Of course I'm giving up quite a bit on the top end but I suspect I'll be coasting (scarred) a lot on the descents anyways.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

18 days to go--Lion in the winter

Still cranking out some good workouts and being pleasantly surprised. Today my 100s were all in 1:19-1:22 range which is pretty good for me! On Monday I rode a strong 126 miles and did an immediate 3 mile transition run and ran very, very well--extremely encouraging.

At mile 85 I hit a local store for a snickers bar and a mountain dew. As i was refueling a young mom and 2 kids wandered by and the mom asked me how far I was riding today. i told her 125 and that I'd already done 85 (it was about 11 am). She was dumbfounded. she asked if I raced and i said yes--I do Ironman races. she replied: "oh my god your muscles must be rock hard"....I smiled....the Lion in the winter...yeah baby

Sunday, August 3, 2008

21 days--a bread and butter week

3 weeks until IMCAN show time!

I just finished a "bread and butter" IM preparation week:

25+ hours
290 miles on the bike
42 miles running
12,000 yds swimming

A little less swim and a little more run then I had planned but I was pleasantly surprised by how good my legs felt post IMAUS--decided to take advantage of it. These are the kind of weeks that make one Ironfit. I'm very optimistic about my progress this week--I seem to be peaking just right and I'm not feeling any lasting negatives from IMAUS.

Next week is more of the same starting tomorrow morning at 5:30 with a 7 hour ride/30 min run brick. Towards the end of next week we'll start the taper and get focused on the final prep for what will hopefully be my qualification race--more on this latter.

Friday, August 1, 2008

24 days to go

Mostly through the first of two IM specific weeks. I'm very happy with how my body is responding to the heavier volume and intensity post IM Austria. Several highlights include a number of good swim sessions--both open water and in the pool. My last pool w/o included a 500/400/300/200/100 descending ladder with the 100s averaging right on 1:30. I did a solid 118 mile bike ride on Tuesday and had a very intense 3 hour interval/tempo ride with Anders yesterday followed up with a nice 25 minute T-run. this morning I felt pretty darn good throughout my 15 mile/2:15 run (9 minutes/mile) and am now heading out the door for another 4-5 miler. Things are looking up for IMC!