Monday, November 7, 2016

Last week

Well gang, I'm rolling back into a more normal triathlon training approach--I have my first triathlon of 2017 in exactly two months down in Naples, Florida.  Here are my past week totals:

Swim: 2,000 yards
Bike: 171 miles
Run/Hike: 11 miles
Other: 4:05
Total time: 17:54

My arm is holding up well with 4 easy swim sessions under my belt--will start increasing frequency and distance--cautiously.  Also had a nice Computrainer session--nice to be back into it!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Last week in SNP

Last week a bunch of us went down to Shenandoah National Park.  Judy and I hiked three days and a number of folks joined us for the last two.  We took it relatively easy as each hike was around 10 miles as opposed to my more typical 12-14 miles.  Still, good workouts and the views, as always were fantastic.  Not quite peak color, but as you can see below, very nice.

In total we did 30.6 miles with 8,049 feet of ascent.  This took (with breaks) 19 hours and 7 minutes in total.

The first day saw Judy and I climb up past the 6 Whiteoak Canyon waterfalls and then at the top of the upper falls we headed north rather than over to Cedar Run.  This brought us to the Old Rag fire Road, which we followed back down to complete our circuit.  This hike was 10.18 miles with 2,402 feet of climbing and it took us 5:40:

We stopped a number of times so i could experiment with my photography.  I had some nice neutral density filter shots and played around with my Hyper-Wide 10mm Rectilinear lens:

Day 2 was a point to point starting at the Panorama parking lot and ending at Skyland.  this turned out to be 10.54 miles with 3,173 feet of vertical which took a leisurely 7:29 to complete:

Our third day we went back to our go-to Old Rag--this was my 8th summit of it.  9.88 miles/2,474 of vertical over 5:58: