Thursday, May 11, 2017

Latest pictures from Anders!

Anders sent us from pictures from Rotation 3 and from EBC:

I'm not sure exactly where this one is from, but my guess is it's up near the base of Lhotse Face (which would be behind us in this picture) looking down towards where EBC is.  If so, that's Nuptse on the left and Everest (west shoulder) on the right:

I'm guessing this is a snowy Camp 2:

This is a look over Brent's shoulder down to Camp 1.  Pumori stands prominently to the left:

More of Camp 1, with a cloud bank hanging over the Upper Ice Fall:

Our four heroes heading down after learning the summit push would have to wait:

Having to navigate the Ice Fall after dusk was an extra challenge for them:

Back at Base Camp in the Long Tent (Brent, Geoff and John):

Anders sharing a little bit of "tent life" at EBC:

Anders shared with us a bit of the plan going forward.  We'll update on that in the near future....

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Anonymous said...

Great pics! Randy, you are right about the first pic. It looks like camp2 looking back down the Cwm. Love the blog! jose