Saturday, May 13, 2017

Waiting game....

The next viable summit window on the South side appears to be at least a week out....the 22nd is showing promise.

There is also some hope that a small window may exist in the15-17th time frame when potentially the final ropes from the Balcony to the summit might get put in.

Brent, Geoff, and John elected hike the 6 or so hours, and 5,000 vertical down to Pangboche, to see if it helps their respiratory niggles.  Anders has elected to stay at Base Camp, as his cold seems ok and he didn't want the risk of being exposed to new germs down below.

Anders is of course spending a lot of time hanging in his tent, surfing the net, playing hearts, watching Homeland, reading and basically waiting for his shot at the summit.  He said he might take a "hike" up to Pumori Base Camp for a little exercise.  Having climbed there a couple of times, I can tell you it's anything but little, and the rock scramble is no walk in the park, but given Anders' fitness and acclimatization I'm sure he will make short work of it.

It's hard to wait.  And wait.  And wait, but Anders knows the drill and is patient and focused on taking his shot if and when it comes.  Hopefully, he'll be on his way back to the summit before the week is out....

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