Thursday, May 25, 2017

Anders back in the USA!

He survived a 25+ hour travel back to LA, landing shortly before 8 LA time this morning.  so awesome to have him back and not exposed to all of the risks of the high Himalaya.

Looks like Judy and I will probably go visit him in LA and celebrate both his amazing accomplishments and his May 1st birthday (when as he says, he migrated further into the late 20s/early 30s period of his life).

I plan to update this blog with the following:

1. details on the climb from C2 to the summit and back down to EBC, including the two rescue attempts.

2. more pics

3. Judy and my observations

4. anything else anders wants to add

5.  possibly a reunion of the team next week in Cali

After that it's back to how many yards I swam last week and how much my knee hurts--I expect that the 2000 of you that have been following will stay riveted....

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