Monday, May 1, 2017

Anders finishes off a great 2nd Rotation and now resting at EBC.

Today is Anders' 31st birthday.  Last night the whole Madison team celebrated his birthday with him (steak, cake and a little scotch).  Both Judy and I talked to him.

Anders and team had a great Rotation.  They tackled the Lhotse Face and made it up to Camp 3 (23,600 feet) in just 3 hours.  This is very fast for that climb as they gained over 2,600 feet.  Anders said it was steep and physically demanding--especially at that altitude--but it was direct and straight forward so it seemed to go smoothly.  Anders is very excited about the team as all four of them are climbing strong (they have a couple minor aches and pains).

They spent about 20 minutes at Camp 3.  Anders said the altitude was noticeable.  He didn't have trouble breathing but did feel fatigued.  It was a great climb for them, clearly demonstrating that they will be prepared to give the summit a shot shortly.  The next time they climb to Camp 3 and beyond they will be breathing supplemental oxygen, which should help a lot.

They came down on their May 1st (which for us was yesterday) in about 3 hours.  Very efficient!

The plan is to rest at EBC for 5 or so days.  This will allow them to be fully prepared for the summit. Two factors will drive how long they stay at Base Camp.  First, the lines have to be fixed all the way to the top, which with good weather should happen in the next 5 days.  Second, they need to have a solid weather forecast with a reasonably long summit window.

Here is a pic from the internet of the Lhotse Face:

More as we here it from Anders.

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