Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Safe and sound at Base Camp--now on to Kathmandu!

Just texted back and forth with Anders--Brent and he made it down safely through the Ice Fall from C2 this morning in Nepal--his 8th transit!  They quickly scrambled to throw everything in duffels and are hustling to the heli pad to catch a helicopter down to Kathmandu.  They should be at the hotel (Yak and Yeti) by dinner!

Good news all around from Madison Mountaineering.  Successful summits on Everest for 6 of their clients, 3 guides and 13 Sherpas plus John and Geoff summited Lhotse and are heading back down towards Camp 3.

Great day!

We can't wait to talk to Anders when he gets to Kathmandu!  He is on a flight tomorrow and should be in LA early Thursday...


boceking said...

Great News

Congrats to Anders !

Matt Swanson said...

Okay - Coming from a mountaineering family, including a Dad who made it as far as the Hillary Step, superstition has kept me from exhaling until this absolutely glorious post Ice Fall moment. This is such an impressive and exceptional accomplishment for Anders; I could not be more proud of him and your family of support around him. I want to also thank you and Judy for allowing us to share in this edge-of-your-seat daily journey with you. I am going to go through withdrawals!