Monday, May 8, 2017

Good Progress--Anders heading up!

We learned that there was very good progress made by the Sherpa rope fixing teams high up on Everest.  They had calmer winds and good conditions and apparently they were able to fix all the way to the Balcony.  The Balcony is around 27,500 ft and is about half the vertical distance from the South Col (26,000 ft) to the Summit.  It sits below the South Summit and the Hillary Step but is high up on the Southeast Ridge.  With good weather tomorrow there is a good chance that the ropes will be fixed all the way to the Summit.  The first Westerners presumably could reach the summit on 5/10.

Anders and team will be leaving shortly (early morning on 5/9) and climbing on O2 to C3.  They would then move to C4 on 5/10 and hopefully summit 5/11 their time (late 5/10 on the east coast)...

more as we hear!

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