Friday, May 19, 2017

Locked and loaded, sleeping at Camp 3

We don't have a lot of info but we know Anders, Geoff, John and Brent did successfully transit up to Camp 3 on the 19th (Nepal time).  Andrew, the Base Camp manager for Madison, confirmed this and we had a very brief exchange with Anders via sat phone as well.  It was too short to get any of the details and frankly, given that Camp 3 is cut into the side of a 50 degree slope, we prefer that he stays inside the tent and focus on the task at hand.

I imagine they used O2 and that the trip took them about 3 hours or so.  But I can't confirm either.  I do know that Anders is now sleeping higher (24,000 feet) then he ever has before (the O2 will help) and this is his high altitude record as well (he was also at Camp 3 for about 20 minutes during his 2nd rotation).

Here is a depiction of the route up the Lhotse Face.  They are likely somewhere between the lower and upper camp 3 locations indicated on this picture.  Tomorrow, the plan would be to progress up to the South Col, where Camp 4 is located, rest there for a half-day or so and then go for the summit:

Up above, we know some climbers did successfully summit Lhotse on the 19th and that at least some folks who tried to summit Everest yesterday, had to turn around due to high winds.  How this will impact Anders and indeed what the weather will look like over the next couple of days are of course big and potentially important unknowns.

The forecasts I have access to continue to look good for the next few days:

We'll post any further news when we receive it.

All good!  Onward and Upward!

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