Friday, May 12, 2017

Weather news discouraging

The weather gods are not really cooperating on the South side of Everest.  There was some hope of potentially trying to summit around the 16th/17th but the latest forecast shows the jet stream oscillating back to the South and encompassing Everest again--which means very high winds and no chance to summit while its there.  At this point this looks to be the case out until at least 5/20.  So at this point, if South side summits are going to happen, it will be in the later part of May.

Anders and team are of-course disappointed, especially since it seemed like there was a good window to climb over the last couple of days.  However, for whatever reason, the Sherpas weren't able to get the lines fixed to the summit, so no one could take advantage of that window.

The guys are now assessing what the best course of action going forward will be.  I'm hopeful they take a helicopter down to Namche and recharge for a few days at a lower altitude.  In any event, the game is to wait patiently now and hope a window opens up.  Its tough work, but if I know one thing for sure, Anders is well prepared for this and comfortable doing so--this is not his first big mountain rodeo.

We'll update when we hear more definitive news...Anders may send us some pics from Nepal in the interim....

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