Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quick turnaround--on plane from Kathmandu to Hong Kong and LA

Anders had a quick turnaround in Kathmandu--just there for a little more than 24 hours.  He enjoyed a nice shower, two separate pizzas, french fries, and some nice brew dogs.  He should be back in the states early Thursday.

Here is another pic from Anders time on the summit.  If you zoom in on his goggles--you can see the summit and several other people who have joined him there (note the sundog around the sun as well):

Here is a pic from the next day when he descended all the way from C4 to C2 in 90 degree heat and a down suit.  In addition to being pretty sweaty, you can see some of the effects of the weight loss he experienced there--20 to 30 pounds.  He says he looks pretty wimpy (but looks can be deceiving!):

Will update with more pics and details shortly.....

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