Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New pictures from 2nd rotation!

Here are some pics from Anders' second rotation: (I'm preparing to leave LA for DE early on  5/2....)

Anders on the Lhotse Face:

Looks like heading down to Camp 2.  Anders at the back of the group.  I'm guessing that the lower West Shoulder of Everest is the mountain in front of them.

Anders and Brent on the steep Lhotse face using mechanical ascenders.  Note the VR camera that Brent (in red) is carrying--could be some very gnarly video at some point....I think the black mountain to the left is the final summit ridge--very steep.

Anders cashing in on his training deposits heading to Camp 3...I think the summit is visible to the left:

Anders and Brent:

John and Anders with Brent in background.  Note, relatively light clothing despite high altitude, mixed weather and cold--boys are working hard!

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