Monday, May 8, 2017

Anders holding at C2

Andrew, at Madison Mountaineering Everst Base Camp, just texted that Anders, John, Brent and Geoff elected to hold another day at C2 to give the Sherpa rope fixing team some more time to fix ropes up above the South Col.

It's early afternoon in Nepal, so we haven't learned as of yet if they were able to push the fixed lines up closer to the summit today or not.  We'll probably hear later and report back when we do.

Staying at C2 for another day is probably net neutral.  It's very high but the boys are very well acclimatized at this point and a rest day is a rest day.  If they get the green light, then it's off to C3, travelling on O2 their tomorrow and late tonight our time.

The latest forecast shows low winds, reasonable temps (20 below), but some snow for the next week....

More later

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