Saturday, May 6, 2017

Anders and team safe at C2!

We heard both from Andrew at Madison Mountaineering and from Anders via text, that their team is safe at Camp 2, below the Lhotse Face, and preparing to get some shut eye.  Anders said it was a long, hard day but a good climb and that they are all in good shape.

There was also some bad news from Everest as apparently a Sherpa fell on the Lhotse Face.  Thankfully, the man survived, but we don't know anything about how it happened and the extent of his injuries.  Also, we just learned that Min Bahadur Sherchan, a Nepali man who was a former British Gurkha soldier, died of a heart attack at Base Camp.  He was 85 and was trying to become the oldest person to climb Everest.  He previously held that record when he was 76, but was surpassed by an 80-year old several years ago.

We don't know how the Sherpa's fall might impact rope fixing higher on the mountain and in turn Anders and his team's target summit attempt of May10th (if at all).  We'll update when we learn something new.  As for now, the current plan is to sleep tonight and tomorrow night at C2, and then move up to C3 on 5/8, Nepali local time (late on 5/7 here).

Here is a view looking up Lhotse and Everest from C2, courtesy of Greg Vernovage at IMG--Lhotse is the peak near the center and the lower portion of Everest is to the left:

The Bergschrund, is a very deep crevasse near the bottom of the Lhotse Face and is the separation of the moving ice below and the more stagnant ice (called firn) on the Lhotse Face above.  You can see Camp 3's location above the Bergschrund, part way up the Face.  On 5/9, the current plan is for Anders and team to climb up past the Yellow Band (a distinctive geologic formation in the Himalayas) and the Geneva Spur to the South Col, where Camp 4 is.  Both the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur require some scrambling and the team will use the fixed ropes to help there.

Camp 3 is at about 24,500 feet and Camp 4 is at about 26,000 feet.

Finally, a picture of our intrepid climber from earlier in the trip in front of Ama Dablam:

And lastly, the fantastic four: Anders, Brent, John and Geoff:

Sleep well tonight!

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