Friday, November 16, 2012

Vegas-Friday afternoon

OK, on the ground in Vegas.  Well actually, I'm 22 stories up seconded in my plush room at the Wynn...very nice.

At breakfast, which included the XC brethern, we were joined by Jordan Rapp, Lynsey Corbin, and the current IM and IM70.3 World Champ Leanda Cave.  Nice conversations and a group pic.

I then gave my bike and all my T1/T2 stuff to the XC guys.  Strange process this time around.  I hope I packed everything right and that my bike finds it's way into transition without me.  I won't have much time to make any adjustments on Sunday morning.  As per my previous post, I'm at peace with it all and looking forward to living my life over the next 2-3 days....will not be dull, that's for sure!

I talked to Anders who is on his way up to MT. Washington, which he intends to climb tomorrow--he is very excited and I wished him well...Aconcagua is just around the corner so dullness will be kept at bay even after the next 2-3 days!

As for Vegas, it's a beautiful day and I think I'll walk over and see the new center city complex, grab a bite to eat and maybe see if i can figure out how craps is played....

The calm before the storm!

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