Tuesday, November 13, 2012

all packed

this is going to be a strange one for sure!  5 weeks post Kona and my night/morning before jog up to Vegas for my friend's BD...who will it be (I'm betting the Rolling Stones)?  Really, before an Ironman? I love it!

I have a very small chance to qualify for Kona for my third time but I am very pumped to get up there and rock it out.....it is truly a great thing to still be able to do this!

Anders has agreed to live-it-out blogging...I sent him my secret sauce on how I qualify (17 people need to have malfunctions...lol).  anyways, I hope you tune in because Anders plays it like it is....

I'll have a lot more from Tempe and I'll let you know who I'm rocking out with in Vegas...when we are rocking it!

This will be very cool!

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