Sunday, November 18, 2012

IMAZ Update #3

Race Update
So we are well into the bike right now and RC is cruising along.  There are 12 bike check points this year, and he came through the first ~10 miles averaging 18.2mph.  This is a solid clip to start the bike off with.  At the third checkpoint we will have a better idea of how he is stacking up against his race there last year.

Competition update
RCs two main competitors for a Kona Slot are John O'Brien and Wyman Roberts.  These two racers are tough and have both gone sub-11 at the IM distance before.  O'Brien came out with a swim time of 1:15 and Roberts a 1:16, putting them both about 9 minutes up on RC.  Time to make up some time on the bike!!

I'll update again after the third bike split.  

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