Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Month and this week

October was obviously dominated by the taper into Kona for the first half of the month and the recovery after Kona for the second half of the month.  here were the totals:

Swim:  25,225 yards
Bike: 581 miles
Run: 85 miles
Time: 56:41

This past week, my body actually began to feel good enough that I was able to start to provide some real training stimulus again.  Still, not anything close to IM training but I think I at least didn't lose fitness this week:

Swim: 5,500 yards
Bike: 185 miles
Run: 24 miles
Time: 17:09

So it's now two weeks to IMAZ and I have really no idea how this strange five week period between Kona and Zona will ultimately affect my fitness.  We'll se on the 18th I guess.  In any event, I'm starting my run taper as of now.  I'll probably through a couple more harder bike w/os in before tapering starting mid-week for the bike.  I hope to have a fairly big swim week and will just use a 7 day taper for the swim.

Unchartered territory for sure!