Thursday, November 1, 2012

Limitations and checklists

I had a pretty solid training day today but clearly, my bod is not designed to do an IM, take a few days off and then start hammering again for the next IM five weeks later.  Still, I had a good day today so I'm not going to fixate on my limitations--makes no sense.  Just as it makes no sense to get caught up in my capabilities.  I yam what I yam (as Popeye used to say).  I'm not as strong as I wish I was but it's pretty cool that I'm still in the game!

A good bud of mine said that one of the downsides to triathlon, especially IM is the massive challenge associated with checklist management.  All the things you need to do to be ready to tackle one of these beasts and all the stuff you need to bring to actually do it on race day.  And, if you forget one little thing you might be screwed....I got lucky with a couple of checklist oversights at Kona (really Randy, overlooking things at Kona!) that didn't take me out.

So now I'm working through my IMAZ checklist and at the same time working through my Cerro Aconcagua Expedition checklist.  The latter is my 21 day expedition to climb the highest mountain in the Southern and Western hemispheres with Anders starting Dec 29th.  IM has big checklists but at the end of the day, nothing compared to a high altitude alpine expedition....

interesting times....

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