Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quick IMAZ update

Back in my room looking at a cheeseburger with one bite out of it....the good news is I'm almost halfway through a Corona!

Tough Day at the office for your truly.  and yes anders, there was definitely some sucking up by the buttercup.  Bottom line I finished my 11th IM.

I had to deal with two unusual challenges today during the race:
-on the swim, I got pummeled right from the start (I foolishly set up near the wall on the right).  I got pushed under by a procession of swimmers.  I had trouble getting air.  I couldn't get horizontal to make progress.  I started to hyperventilate and my HR skyrocketed.  Fortunately, I had enough wits about me to swim across the flow of the swimmers and made the ledge by the wall.  I had to sit there for 4-5 minutes before my HR settled and I felt calm enough (this is 70 yards into the swim).  I started swimming but had the same hyperventilation/HR problem a couple of more times and had to rest twice more--but for less time.  finally I settled down and was good to go.  However, I stayed close to the wall throughout as a safety measure and my Garmin shows 2.8 miles swum--this is why my swim time stunk.

-on the bike I had 3 flats--all inside of the second bike split (from 15 to 30k).  Plus my rear tire was underinflated during the first split.  I'll need to analyze the data but it looks like I lost nearly 20 minutes due to this

Also, contrary to the forecast, it was quite windy (windier than 2011) on the bike route.

I was exhausted by the time i got to the run--the whole go to Vegas, get back at 3 and sleep for 10 minutes thing apparently does not lead to fast IM times.

O'Brien DNF'ed again but Wyman went 10:50--even in my best dreams, I can't touch that...

more latter!

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