Thursday, November 15, 2012

Missives from the front

- Picked my bike up at Tri bike Transport today.  They had 600 bikes there--that's probably 25% of the field.  At $300 a pop that's also $180,000--quite a biz!

- No drama at all with the bike.  She's ready and able and I must say, still the prettiest girl at the dance.  I rode 16.5 miles today and I have to say I felt (and was) fast.  No problem cruising along at 20-24 mph on the flats.

- I ran a couple of miles this morning as well--even my run felt OK (which is, alas, as good as it gets these days).  I feel VERY tapered and ready.  Of-course the lack of any IM training (with the notable exception of the race itself at Kona) for the past 7 weeks may have impacted my endurance--the smart money says so anyways....I have no idea how my body will respond on race day.  I guess we'll find out on Sunday!

- I did all the things that one normally does the day before an IM this evening--60 hours before my IM.  I have to pass off my bike and T1/T2 bags tomorrow morning to the XC guys as I am flying to Las Vegas tomorrow for my 36-hour adventure up there.  I won't be back to my hotel roon until about 3:30am race morning, so I had to make my PB&J sandwiches tonight and get all my stuff laid out and ready to go....when I roll back in on Sunday morning it will be game time!

- This whole Vegas side trip is nuts but I'm very much looking forward to it.  I think I am becomming just a bit daft in my elder years....

- I met my two main competitors tonight at the XC dinner.  They are both a LOT better than I and I hope my bud John gets the Kona slot if (WHEN) I don't.  He DNF'ed at Kona in 2010 and he needs to go back and finish the race.

_ At the end of the day I am very blessed to be able to do this.  And do it I shall!  When the gun goes off at 7 am on sunday and the kung-fu begins I'll muscle up.  I know I'll relish hammering on the bike (at least for the first 80 miles).  And the run, well if it sucks, I at least have a great deal of experience in dealing with that sorta thing...

Here we go--more on Vegas in the posts ahead!

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