Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wheels Up--on the way to Kona!

Judy and I left this afternoon heading for Kona with a stop on the way in San Francisco.  We are sharing the flight with Patrick McKeon, who I had the pleasure to swim with during one of our summer OWS.  He qualified at Eagleman, finishing 14th OA with a 4:05.  Kona will be his first IM.  Ironically he is staying just a few houses down from us in Kona Estates.  It's pretty cool, that with Midge joining us we'll have three Kona athletes from our humble little Avalon/Stone Harbor swim group (and that's not counting Brian Duffy!)

Anyways, I plan to blog daily and will do my best to post pictures from the scene in Kailua and in the surrounding environs so please check back often!

With the end of September I can now post how my final three month training volume for this build compared with several builds from the past.  I'll compare to my 2007 IMFL build (when I was working with Peter Reid), 2010 Kona build,  2011 IMAZ build where I qualified for Kona 2012, and my Kona 2012 build (these are 4 of my prior 12 IMs):


2007: 128,300 yards
2010:  90,900
2011: 111,700
2012: 116,800
2014: 121,300

My 2014 swim preparation has been pretty solid by my standards.  I was actually tracking ahead of my big 2007 swim block until this last month.  In 2007, I did 49,500 yards in the final month, while I only managed 31,900 yards this month.  Still, I believe I'm in the best swim shape I've ever been in for an IM.


2007: 2,462 miles
2010: 2,787
2011: 3,123
2012: 3,388
2014: 2,712

My bike preparation has been consistently lighter this year and was dramatically less than the big 2012 Kona build.  I know that I'm not as strong on the bike as probably any of the above IMs but I'm hopeful I can still execute a solid ride that I can handle the run reasonably well off of.


2007: 331 miles
2010: 307
2011: 434
2012: 388
2014: 313

Regular readers of my blog will know how my run has been a real struggle this year.  Unquestionably, I am least prepared for the IM run then I ever have been.


2007: 242 hours
2010: 256
2011: 286
2012: 292
2014: 237

With a pretty soft month in September this year, this is the least almount I've put into a IM build--time wise.  I'd like to say I made it up in intensity, but with the exception of my swim, that's not really the case.  I did have a bunch of high quality long rides this summer so hopefully that will pay some dividends.

Frankly, I found it increasingly difficult this year to put the volume of effort into training that I have in recent years.  My body seems to have more of a challenge recovering.  We'll see in about 11 days how much of a factor that is.....

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