Wednesday, September 24, 2014

At Last--taper time

So 17 days to Kona--time to refocus this blog on all things Kona.

I'm happy to be at this point, despite a general sense of needing to be in better shape.  That said, a review of this Kona prep vs my last two Konas says maybe I'm not that far off.  I don't have the final 3 month totals yet but with 6 days left in the month I can at least report on my long workouts.  By long, I mean at least 50 minutes continuous swimming, 4 hours continuous biking and 90 minutes continuous running.  I know these seem like modest numbers but in fact most of my long swims are over 4200 yards, and bikes over 90 miles and runs at 2+ hours but early on in my IM build it's important that I hit the smaller numbers first....

So here are the July-Sept long workout totals by discipline for each of my 3 KONA builds:

2010: 11
2012: 9
2014: 13

2010: 8
2012: 10
2014: 10

2010: 3
2012: 8
2014: 6

Besides the obvious recognition of my lack of long runs it would seem that I enter 2014 better prepared for the swim and OK on the bike....which I'm hopeful is true....

more in the days ahead....

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