Friday, October 3, 2014

Kona: October 3rd

Sorry about October 2nd showing up below October 1st in my blog below--can't quite figure out how it happened.

Today was a pretty low key day here in Kona.  I went over to Dig Me early and chatted for a bit with Linsey Corbin.  Siri Lindley was there as well--no doubt helping her fleet of world class women athletes.  I met up with Midge Kerr from Avalon and we swam avbout 2000 yards--Midge is swimming really well!  My guess is she will break 70 tomorrow in the practice swim--I hope to try to break 80.

After the swim, Judy and did the PuuWaaWaa ("The Many Furrowed Hill") cinder cone trek/climb.  It's also called the "Jello Mold" as it looks like an upside down jello after you empty from the bowl.  It's the largest cinder cone on the island and sits on the flanks of Hualalei, which is the volcano the broods over Kailua.

In any event, this was a somewhat strenuous hike in brillant sunshine and 88 degree weather.  We climbed just under 1,800 ft. and the 6.99-mile trek took a total of 3:10 to complete:

Not the typical way to taper for an IM but I figured the hike out in the heat would help with my acclimatization in any event.  Here are some pics from the trek:

Tomorrow is the 2.4-mile "practice" swim and the start of the official race week!

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