Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Snenandoah National 2014--Training Day 1

So I made the trip down this morning leaving at 4:30.  Nasty, nasty weather and a bad accident on the DC Beltway led to an extended transit time.  I rolled into the Park about 9am and then drove another 20 miles south on Skyline to Big Meadows.  I wanted to do a more modest first effort here for this mountaineering training cycle given my recent IM and my toe lacerations....My climb this day is called the Three Falls.  Strangely enough that was indeed the highlight of the hike--the three falls: Rose River, Dark Hollow, and Lewis Falls....

All good once the hike got going around 10am.  Pictures below.  I've been trying to upload my garmin data for a while after settling back in at the Best Western in Luray.  Probably not going to be able to make it happen tonight but here are the highlights:

Total time: 5:29
Total distance: 8.58 miles
Vertical:  Guessing from trail guides at 2700 feet.

Mile splits:

1: 27:59
2: 34:17
3: 39:55
4: 51:27
5: 30:11
6: 41:11
7: 49:58
8: ?

My Garmin 910 appears to be dying....

Relatively easier climb that felt relatively harder to my old body today.

The good news is that my toe held up well and I'm confident I'm on the path to building enough fitness to give it a great go in Antarctica in December...


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