Monday, October 6, 2014

Kona: October 6th

Thanks are really heating up here in Kona.  I went down to Dig Me and swam this morning.  I saw all the XC guys and Carl Wernicke.  I said hi to Apollo Ohno--he looks super fit--at least to my eye--I wouldn't be surprised to see him do 10 or 11 hours.  I bumped into a nice guy who asked me if I was Randy Christofferson--the guy with the Slowtwitch blog--pretty cool, it's a very small world for sure.

We swam out to the COH boat and had an expresso.  I limited my swim to 25 minutes and thats all I'm doing today--my body feels a little sore from the PATH 5k yesterday and swim on Saturday.  It was crazy swimming with people crashing into each other all over the place.  I swam about 7:30 and it's great for people watching but I think I'll try to swim a little earlier the rest of the week to avoid the craziness....

Speaking of yesterday, I did go out and do the PATH 5k and I had a very disappointing run--just 25:33.  I did 22:17 in 2010 and 23:34 in 2012, so this continues the alarming trend of the last few years as my run heads quickly down hill.  I finished 3rd in my Age Group  (I was 2nd in 2010 and 1st in 2012) and won a water bottle.  Midge finished 2nd and won a nice coffee mug.  Judy jorgged/walked to a 36 minute time, which she was pleased with:

Later yesterday Midge and I went up to Hawi and did the last 12 miles of the climb/descent.  Hawi was very gentle--winds were 5 mph--nothing like I've seen here in the past.  I was able to ride up and down at a 6:20 IM bike pace--and this is the toughest stretch on the course.  With conditions like yesterday, I'm pretty sure I could go under 6 hours in the race....The weather forecast, of-course, calls for 20+ mph winds on race day.  whatever......

Finally, last night my bride and I had a nice game of Bocce on our front lawn--pretty nice life here!

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Kathy said...

NO WAY Midge is 50-54! only if she is 49 and turns this year. :) I'm 54 and wish i looked half as good as she does. She really looks GREAT and her skin is amazing!