Sunday, October 26, 2014

SNP--Day 2

sorry to be so slow in updating--still working on my Kona RR and still having problems with my Garmin 910--I have now decided to move on from that device.

In any event I did get up last Thursday and bang out a 5:18/8.7 mile hike with what the internet tells me was 2100 feet of vertical.  i carried a pretty full load although I think it's weight was a bit less--probably 45 pounds or so.  Anyways, I did the Meadows Horse Trail/Franklin Cliffs route which included another summit of Hawksbill for me--my fourth  (Hawksbill is the highest mountain in SNP).

All good and I'm definitely on the way to Vinson Massif fitness.  Here are some pics....

Early on a stubborn fog up around the ridge/Skyline Drive area....

As I dropped below 2800 feet it was clear as a bell--cool, about 39 degrees or so, but perfect trekking!

Kermie, as always, was my companion and he seemed to always be smiling!

As I got onto the back half of the trek on the AT the views were off the chart--despite the weather--probably peak color!!!

When you take your eyes off the big picture and just focus on the here and now--its all amazing what you see....I do love this!

Someone has to do this!

It's good to know that the NSA is not focused on what I'm doing here!

And finally up on Hawksbill--you have to earn this view and your crazy if you don't try!!!

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