Friday, October 10, 2014

Kona: Oct. 10th

Did my usual pre-IM thing this morning.  15 minute swim/30 minute bike/15 minute run.   I went out and picked up the boys at the airport.  I finalized my transition bags and then we headed over to the King Kam.  We picked up the boy's credentials and I dropped my stuff off at transition.  As I was walking in a BMC guy handed me a cool BMC bag with a hat and t-shirt.  Kona has the coolest swag!

Back at the house for a quiet night.  We're picking up some pizza from Kona Brewing Company and I'll be getting in bed pretty early for my 3:30 wakeup.  For those of you who want to track me live you have several options:

1. You can go to the Ironman home page and click through to Kona live tracking.  I'm bib number 2225.

2. You can also follow me on the bike and run on the following website:    Click on the Ironman World Championship and then my name--you'll be able to see where I am and how fast I'm going at any point....

3. XC also has a website at:

If you want to beam me some energy during the race I'll definitely take it!

Here we go!!!!

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