Monday, October 20, 2014

Back in DE/Transition to the Big Ice begins today!

So we are back in DE after bailing out of HI a little early to avoid Ana's wrath.  My body has no idea what time it is.  I woke up at 1:30am yesterday and laid there for a while.  Then bailed and went down and sorted through all my climbing gear and packed up for (hopefully) a trip down to Shenandoah National this week.

I have a problemn though.  While I was in HI, post IM, last Wednesday night I was walking out by the pool and stubbed/jammed my big toe (RF) into some exposed granite.  Unfortunately, it was a knife edge and I severely lacerated my big toe.  We're talking several ounces of blood before I got it calmed down.  Of course, I wanted to avoid the doctor so it's been a lot of butterfly bandages, tape and neosporin.  It's a big ugly cut.  Plus my big toe is swollen and all black and blue.  I don't believe it's broken however.

Today, after subjecting myself to weights and ab work at the Y, I went out for an hour tester hike with 50 lbs on my back.  The toe hurt and bled a little but the bigger issue is my lack of hiking fitness.  Yikes!  I have a ton of work to do to get this old bod in major league mountainerring shape in 9 weeks.  There are no porters in Antarctica and I have less than 9 weeks to get ready to go....

I was going to pull a full-on 3-dayer in SNP starting tomorrow but I've decided to back that up one day and hopefully get down there for W/Th 8-hour hikes...I'm pushing it a bit but I feel the need to get on it.  I must confess my body is still in a post Hawaii IM hangover--I'm quite sore and tired still...

I just need to be careful over the next couple of weeks to get past the fatigue and into serious mountainerring fitness building.  I spent two hours at 11,500 feet in my hypoxic tent this afternoon....

I've started on the HI Ironman race report and video and will have that out pretty soon!

I can't wait to get back into serious hiking/trekking/climbing shape!!!

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