Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kona October 7th

The beat is getting stronger here in Kona.  Last night we had the Ironman XC leadership over along with a number of friends and had a delightful evening.  We grilled some fresh Ahi, Mahi-Mahi, and chicken.  A few beers, lots of laughs and some spirited Bocce led to a great night!

This morning, the prior day's festivities led to a slightly later swim session for me.  We then proceeded to get our VIP credentials and I went to officially register.  VIPs get to go in a different line with the pros and so I found myself at the front of the line with Chris Macdonald.  A guy came out and blew his shell 4 times to officially start the registration process.  Chris and I walked in and some 100 volunteers clapped very loudly--really cool experience.

I went for a run and then over to the Ironman Expo and took a photo op with Apollo.  Later that night was the Parade of Nations and then I went out to the airport to pick up my Mom, who arrived tonight.  A lof of activities now, but my main priority is to put my feet up as much as possible....

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