Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kona: October 2nd

Pretty mello day here in Hawaii today.  Judy made a nice egg breakfast and headed off for a two-hour power walk.  I wandered down to Dig Me and did another 2000-yd. swim.  I was about 1:30 faster than yesterday, which I attribute mainly to a more moderate swell today than yesterday.

Patrick was suffering a bit from time-zone sleep impairment, so he bailed on the Hawi bike so I just went out and did a bunch of 3-minute repeats on the Queen K.  It got a little embarrassing as I kept passing this very attractive blonde only to have her overtake me.   I was worried she would think I was a total smuck, so I rode in with here the last 5 miles or so.  Turns out she was from Copenhagen and beyond that I couldn't tell you much of what she said--that said, it was a pleasant experience anyways!

We hung out around our place most of the day and then Judy and I drove up into the cloud forest on the slopes of Hualalai, which is the volcano that broods over the town of Kailua.  Hualalai is still an active volcano and is expected to erupt again within the next 100 years.  The airport is build upon the flow from the 1700 eruption of Hualalai--could present a real challenge out on the Queen K and in the Energy Lab if it went off during the race.  Anyways, you can get there by leaving town up Palani and hanging a right just before mile marker 34 on 190.

Here are a couple of pics:

We drove back down on Hani-Lani Drive and then went out to the Marina and stopped by "Bite Me"--the place to get fresh fish on the Island!

Midge arrives today and I imagine we'll team up and perhaps get out to Hawi....

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