Sunday, November 2, 2014

SNP sessions 3 and 4

I managed to get two more climbs in down in Shenandoah.   Work has really heated up so this will be increasingly difficult in the days ahead!

Anyways the first day was the Hawksbill Summit/Cedar Run/White Oak Canyon trek, which is my favorite in SNP.  It's also a real butt-kicker for sure!  My garmin continues to have upload problems but see below the data from last year--basically just under 4,000 feet of vertical and 11 miles.  The good news is this year I did it in 6:54.  I really worked hard and I think it indicates that I already have a pretty good level of climbing fitness.  I know I sure was sore that night!

When I started it was 36 degrees, which is perfect in my mind!

Here are some pics.  It was hazy and we're getting alittle past peak color but pretty spectacular none-the-less....

My second day found me on a new route.  I climbed up to Mary's Rock and then did the Buck ridge/Buck Hollow loop.  I picked this to be slightly easier than the hike above and it was, but still surprisingly challenging.  It clocked in at 8.9 miles and 2612 feet of vertical.  It took me a total of 5:34.  some picks from this hike--weather was a lot less attractive...

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