Sunday, August 1, 2010

Closer to normal than not!

I had a nice solid race yesterday in Walker, Minnesota. I'll post a race report shortly. The best part was a nice strong bounce back on my bike leg. I averaged 51 (!!!) more watts than Stone Harbor over a challenging 17.5 mile course. The 246 watts i averaged is much closer to a normal power output for me. I'm not quite 100% yet, but close enough to be competitive in a sprint race like this. After the race I rode around the lake on my TT bike and averaged just over 200 watts so i was able to get a reasonably hard 40 mile ride in yesterday on my TT bike and my hip held up pretty well. I can still feel it--it remains very tight but I did not have any of the pain I had in Germany so it looks like the PT is working.

In any event, I finished 12th overall out of 218 and was able to put 5+ minutes on my nearest AG competitor. It was a great course and a truly enjoyable triathlon that my parents and brother came out to see....

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