Sunday, August 8, 2010

The corner has been turned!

OK--good news here. I definitely feel like I have finally turned the corner on my hip injury. For the last 3+ months since my bike accident I have just not been able to pursue my passion for triathlon the way that I wish I could. This has substantially affected both my training and my races. I've been involved with an intensive 3X/week PT program to address my hip/core imbalances for the last 5 weeks and I do think that the data now says that it is beginning to work! Also, 5 weeks past IM Germany I do think I'm recovered and ready to go again!

This week was a good solid week of IM training:

25.5 hours of training
10K+ of swimming
273 miles of biking
29 miles of running.

I'm just rolling back into an IM swim mode--with my strong results in the race last weekend and the clear path in front of me, I'm super confident in my swim right now--I'll be ready 62 days from now for Kona.

Big breakthrough on the bike. Last week's race was a nice return to (almost) normalcy. I rode a 5+ hour ride this week and my hip felt fine--not 100% normal, but pretty good. I did my first real speed session in a long time on Thursday and rocked out a 47.5 mile/ 5X 1.3 mile repeat ride. I was averaging 350 watts on the repeats and spending a lot of time in the 400 neighborhood. It's been a long time since I've been able to just JUMP it like I like to do and push big watts. My hip was fine for both of these rides and I'm optimistic that it will continue to get better in the weeks ahead.

My run is bad. Probably will stay that way. It's so hot here that I'm finding it very hard to run far enough to really build my endurance. I was supposed to do 2 hours today but only managed 72 minutes--I was crushed and extremely dehydrated. The heat and humidity were so intense that you could not see more than 500 yards up the beach. further, my knee is going AWOL again. I'm setting up a new cycle of injections to start next week.

I'd like to run a lot more than I seem to be able to achieve but I'm trying to stay positive and take solace in the (pretty significant) training I am putting down. I have the personality that always focuses on what still needs to be accomplished as oppossed to what has been--and I know this--but it's tough to be so limited running wise...

Still--I'm on it now!

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