Saturday, August 14, 2010


So took my rest day yesterday. For some reason whenever i do, I get all sorts of aches and pains. My left lower back "went out" a bit. Very sore, tender and stiff all day yesterday. Better this morning but I have to be "ginger" about it--definitely feels like it's tweaked.

Last night went and saw (with Jenny) Kansas, Foreigner, and Styx--classic rock baby!

Racing tomorrow at tuckahoe and I'm hoping that my back will be OK. I think it will be with another 20+ hours to heal up. I don't know who is in the race but my objectives are pretty straight forward (if my back allows)--blitz the swim and bike (race it like an aquathon) and hold on for the short run. I'd really like to see some stong power numbers coming out of my bike split.

My bigger concern about my back is related to the three week block of training I have coming up. I'm not racing after Tuckahoe until Marlton, which is on the 4th of September. Consequently, I'm looking for this next block to be a very big training load. I especially need to execute some longer runs. Next week is (on paper anyways) in the books as a 29 hour week with two big rides--one being the LAF Challenge 100 miler next Sunday.

The weather is considerably more pleasant today with the temp at 74 degrees as we speak. I'm heading out the door for my standard day before a race workout: 15 min swim/30 min bike/15 min run....

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