Saturday, April 29, 2017

Summary of my 22 hikes/treks

The focus of this blog is about to shift entirely to Anders' continuing adventures as he nears a summit attempt on Everest.  On that topic, I heard from base camp that he and his team had a rest day today at Camp 2 to further develop their acclimatization to altitude.  Tomorrow will be the day they go up and visit Camp 3 (around 24,000 feet). Hopefully, Judy will hear something from them as I will be winging my way across the Pacific tomorrow....

Find below a summary of my 22 hikes on this trip (I didn't include any of the photography oriented trips around Base Camp).  In it you'll see (among other things) that I covered 124 liner miles and ascended nearly 40,000 feet (all above 10,000 feet and the majority above 15,000 feet):

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