Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pumori and final preparations.....

Hi folks.  This will be a quick update and it may be without pictures (at least for now) as our internet is not cooperating here at Base Camp.

After breakfast, Anders, Brent, John, and Drew (another member of our team) went for a climb up towards Pumori Base Camp.  After crossing over and upward from where our tents are to the lateral moraine, we began a very arduous (at least for me) climb up through a jumbled mess of rocks.  It was challenging climbing, really scrambling, for sure.  Delaware and New Jersey friends should think of the rock scramble on Old Rag.  Except this was between 17,400 and 18,000 feet.  And very steep!

I've had a couple nights of mediocre sleep and this plus the inherent challenge of the climb led to difficult goings for me.  Anders lagged back and helped me navigate some of the tougher sections.  After quite a while, we emerged from the rock scramble up around 18,000 feet.  I decided that was enough for today and Brent and I stopped and had an enjoyable conversation while the three younger men continued upward all the way to the base camp at 18,700 feet or so.  In total I covered just 2.25 miles over 2:38 with about 660 feet of ascent and descent.

After returning to camp and enjoying lunch, we both set about preparing for the next phase of our adventure.  Anders and team are leaving at 4am to begin their first rotation.  They plan to climb through the whole Ice Fall and spend a couple of nights at Camp 1.  They will do an acclimatization hike from there on the day after tomorrow.  Then they will climb up to Camp 2 for two nights and also climb up close to the bottom of the Lhotse Face if all goes according to plan.

Meanwhile, I plan to begin a five day trek that ultimately will take me to Gokyo Peak and then on up to Cho Oyo Base Camp.  One of our head climbing sherpas' (he has summited Everest 19 times) son will trek with me over the five days.  He looks to be in his late teens and in addition to knowing the general lay of the land, he also will carry about 20 pounds of stuff for me.

This will be a pretty interesting period for both of us (especially for Anders).  Anders will try to provide updates via Sat Phone to Judy, who will post some blogs to keep you informed.  I'll try to get internet access to update on my progress.

here are some pics--sorry for the low res:

Looking up to Pumori Base Camp, which is on a ledge at the top of the grey pointy area--about 18,700 feet--tough climb:

Looking back at Everest, which you can now see peeking above the West Shoulder, impossibly higher:

Anders at the base of the scramble:

Pretty sweet hiking!

Me, Everest and Nuptse:

Brent pitching his whiskey sponsor:

Here we go!

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