Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Good morning, Wednesday April 5th

I'm laying in our tinny little room just past 6am.  It feels about 45 in here (which is pretty sweet by mountaineering standards) and quite damp.  My partner in crime, Anders, is hopefully somewhere deep within his 30 below mummy sleeping bag--although with the hood up I can't see him. I was up a few times and slept rather fitfully (no surprise given the 12+ time zone change) but it seemed like Anders had a great sleep and is till sleeping--this is great!

The focus on the trek to base camp is to firstly stay healthy (several team members already have some stomach issues and most ultimately do) by staying meticulous about santization, treating our water with UV radiation and iodine, and watching what we eat( we had spaghetti, potatoes and an egg last night).  Second is to try to eat as much as we can--its a losing battle at altitude and many lose 20 or more pounds, but so far we are both forcing it down--but surprisingly we always feel hungry .... Third is to let our bodies adjust to the altitude.  Neither AC nor I believe in taking Diamox, although we would in an emergency.  The best way to adjust is to gain altitude slowly and to continually hydrate.

Today, unlike yesterday  is a pretty big day as we are to hike up to Namche, which is at 11,300 and we cuerrently are at about 8500 feet.  This will be a strong challenge for both of us, more so for me given our relative strength.  The weather looks good right now so soon we will be up, organize for the day ahead (a never ending task) and then grab some breakfast and go.

More later and thanks for your support---feel free to beam us some positive energy---we can use it for sure and as they say around here, it's good karma.  We'll spin some prayer wheels for you back home in return....

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Hello said...

Beaming positive energy to Anders and you! Great to be able to follow along.